Sample Portfolio

Below are samples of my user experience wires and designs produced for a variety of clients.  What I love about working independently is the opportunity it affords for me to partner with diverse businesses and their unique need.  

When working with clients, I make the distinction that I'm not a visual designer.  While I can produce higher fidelity wireframes, if they require something more brand / design heavy, I may partner with a visual designer to layer "the chrome" on top of the UX work I've produced.



Twigtale is a platform where parents / adults can create custom stories for children. Each title was created with a more specific goal that will depend on the type of story selected. Twigtale offers books about common childhood challenges, family changes, identity, love, separation anxiety and grief.  I was brought in as an interim product manager / ux designer in which I produced many designs in my tenure (for both their webapp and iOS app), including this example which was to design a responsive experience for their book builder.


United Steel Supply

United Steel Supply / "USS" create steel coil products designed for use in agriculture, residential and commercial construction, and industrial applications. They came to me looking to build an app to help them service their clients better. One of their biggest pain points is the claims process when a coil is defective or damaged. After conducting a few research session with both USS employees and customers, I was able to product an experience designed to streamline this process and remove a lot of back / forth between USS and their customers.


Tiny Traveler

Tiny Traveler is a service that creates packing lists for parents when they travel.  To do so, they take into consideration various pieces of information such as location, weather, activies, gender, age, etc.  With nothing more than a few hand written doodles and notes, I was chartered with creating an end-to-end user experience.  To provide a more "real feel" / context, I added more fidelity to the design.  The first draft was nothing more than boxes, lines, and arrows.   



dipndip is a fast casual dining chocolate cafe located in various parts of the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.  Not only did I define their digital strategy, but I also partnered with their agency of record, Concrete, in a rebranding effort that included overhauling their digital presence.  



This was a fun little project I did over the summer.  Klunk is the mastermind of it's founders children.  They came to me with their ideas and I put together an experience to illustrate the potential of the app.